Jonathan Ojanpera the author of “watch” – an interview

Q1 why do you write?

I write for a few reasons. The first is an innate desire to do so. I feel like my words are restless when they stay inside of me, and I have to let them out. The second is that it has been my dream to be a writer since my early teens. The third has to do with opportunity. After having been an ironworker for over twelve years, and sustaining multiple injuries, I found myself in a position to choose a different course for my life. I decided to go for my dream of becoming a full time writer. I started with freelance journalism, and have since branched out into all kinds of other areas. Diversity is very necessary.

Q2 what is the main inspiration behind your book/s?

I have only published one book so far. It is a poetry anthology of different forms and different topics. Poetry comes easy for me, so it seemed like a natural first step for me as far as publishing goes. My inspiration comes from my heart; from a place that never runs out of things to write.

Q3 what effect did it have on you and what effect do you hope it will have on your readers?

Publishing my first book was a little scary. Writing the content was easy, but actually choosing what goes into such a final thing is a daunting task. I was very nervous when I hit the ‘publish’ button, knowing it was out there for anyone to see. I hope my readers see my heart in the pages of the book. I want them to feel love, pain, fear and all of the emotion that went into the writing of my poetry.

Q4 what do you have to tell to wannabe writers?

I would say to a wannabe writer that it is a very crowded room. There are millions of people vying for a few spots atop the writing world. My main advice is to know that it takes time to learn the craft, and it takes even longer to build a substantial audience. I believe that there are many brilliant writers out there that may never be noticed because of how the industry works. Some of the most famous writers of our time have been rejected multiple times and nearly passed over. If you decide to embark on a writing career, be sure to have sufficient income while you are learning, and by all means test the market in every way you can; writing contests, blogging and any other medium to get your words in front of readers. It should definitely be a long term goal to save the heartbreak of learning just how difficult the industry is.


You can get his work here or contact Johnny in his blog, which I assure you is a blog worth daily visits, it is filled with fantastic poems, photographs and his works.

All the best Johnny!

2 in top 30 of serials

Boy! I never knew two drops of red can look so sweet other than when they are on flowers, birds or butterflies and other natural thingies.

Here they are, the two serials that made me one happy woman!

the strange island jp30

the tower jp30

Dont they look awesome! :) Thanks a lot God bless you!

love and hugs.

some stories in my other blogs


staute face 25.01.2014 2 E1

He woke up covered in sweat and shaking. He could see thin slices of sky far up above, between the walls of the maze.

“Amit… Shankar…. Deep…” he tried to shout but his voice barely rose louder than a whisper. He was so afraid…

“Please God… wake me up!”

in answer to his begging he heard a cruel, ruthless laughter… a laughter that just could not come out of a human throat.

“Please… God…You did not bargained with God… You bargained with me. I dont know what is forgiveness… if you take something from me you return it with interest.”

He woke up screaming.

His family members came running into the room, “What happened Neel?”

He looked at them blankly… how will he tell them that share market crashed last night and he is bankrupt now…





No, you wont have to pick 100 of my works that you wont mind buying as an ebook, only few will be enough, as they will vary from one friend to the other i will get my hundred.

Apart from that, can you suggest how many should be compiled together for one book and how much will I name as price?



Thanks a lot and the readers, writers there!! God bless you all!

Both my stories have made it to their top fifty serials this month. Oh boy! what a feeling! :) Just loving it!

It really feels good…. amazing when someone likes my works, and to join the 50 most popular serials in the site… well, all I can say is your kindness is giving me the long-needed courage to try and get my works published. Thanks a lot guys God bless you!

my stories there are:

My first story there (10th chapter published on 14/8/14): This story is one of the 50 most popular serials yippy yippy ye! :)

The Tower –

and the second story :)

The strange island (7th chapter published on 14/8/14)

Well I am hungry for votes, do fill up those baskets of mine… please…. will love to see them spilling over….


Testing smashwords now, even though I will say it would have been great help if we could read their guideline for “how to publish on smashword” a little more easily than download the pdf document and then read it at home!

Just a few lines might have been enough or they might have hiked their percentage and would have started accepting simple word files from those who are not much expert in designing ebooks and are not interested in hiring someone- dont have the moolah to be precise.

They do allow you to share an interview, they supply the format, and the questions, allow you to add your own questions too, and then share it with everyone, that can be a good way of sharing your workprocess, your upcoming ebook etc.

in case you are in smashwords, or you are interested to take a peek, here is my interview-

Now, the bad news at the end, I had an account in another ebook publishing site,, they used to accept word files and convert them into ebooks without any fuss. Unfortunately back then I was not planning on ebooks, right now, I am quite certain to publish my poems as ebooks and see if they can win hearts…. so I tried to create a new account with them, they told me that they have sent me the password in my email id, heaven only knows which email id, because i did not get it.

Adamantly I went back and requested them for a new password- they again repeated the same message, password sent to your email id… ha and ha.

finally i contacted their support desk.

you know the answer…